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Many families have heard about the concept of a celebration of life service and are looking for ideas on planning a unique service for their loved one. We have compiled a list of ideas and options to introduce you some ways that you could plan a celebration of life, however, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Celebration of Life services are not constrained or limited by the social expectations that traditional funeral services tend to have, so let your imagination run wild to plan the perfect service that is as unique as the life of your loved one. 
We always enjoy working together with families in planning a service for their loved one. While it can be a challenge to put together an event that both pays tribute to and celebrates the life and spirit of a complex individual; it’s also one of the most rewarding things any one of us can do for someone we’ve loved and lost.

Jakhmola Enterprises offers a discrete, professional service for time-pressed clients, creating timeless, elegant, seamless events with passion. By choosing them to plan your auspicious day, you can expect meticulous attention to detail, creative ideas and a professional, stress-free service. This ensures you are left to enjoy the magical build up to your big day. 

We have provided a few ideas, but this list is by no means completed. Use these ideas as a starting point to plan the perfect service to suit your unique needs.

  • Ask attendees to bring along a story or memory of your loved one to share. Guests comfort levels will vary – you may want to provide time for those who would like to publicly share their memory, but also note cards for those who prefer to write down their memory to privately be shared with the family.
  • Enjoy songs, bands or the genre of music that were favorites. Music is an integral part of life for many people, and a celebration of life service is the perfect event in which to showcase the meaningful music of your loved one’s life.
  • If planning for snacks or refreshments, plan to enjoy your loved one’s favorite dishes or treats.
  • Display a photo memory board, a memorial table or a memorial DVD of images of your loved one doing what they enjoyed most. Photos, which capture a moment, often spark conversation and bring up forgotten memories.
  • A balloon release is often a feature of a celebration of life ceremony, and a beautiful gesture. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box to find something to suit your loved one’s personality. Some alternatives that have the same sentiment as a balloon release are to toss wildflower seeds into a field, blow bubbles or light luminaries.
  • Ask guests to make a donation to a scholarship fund or charity in the deceased’s name in lieu of sending flowers.
  • If your loved one was a collector, create a display of their collectibles. This could include their prized baseball cards, a scrapbook of their photography, or anything else that was unique to them.
  • Create a theme for the celebration. This could be focused on their favorite sports team or their love for hunting for instance.
  • Floating lanterns are a part of many cultures celebrations around the world. During or after the service, guests can release sky lanterns to honor your loved one.
  • Fireworks are a popular way to celebrate holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day. What better way to celebrate the life of your loved one then concluding it with a fireworks display.

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