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Taking fascinating homes to a different level with the introduction of contemporary modular kitchens, Jakhmola Enterprises is stepping a notch higher in home designing domain. Modular kitchens have gained a lot of popularity in today’s era due to its customization features. We have a wide range of modular kitchen designs and professionals who make custom styles as per your need. We bring to you fully modular kitchen with modular components.


There is a special kind of kitchen is for those who seek more from life. Jakhmola Enterprises presents the U-shaped kitchen with lavish storage space at the base and on the wall. Its stylish slab can also be used as a casual bar-styled dining table. This setting offers the option to use it as a serving space leading to the adjacent dining area.



To embellish a small kitchen space with a contemporary style a straight line kitchen, crafted by Jakhmola Enterprises, is the perfect solution. Designed for a studio format/smaller homes as the complete work station, the module stands on one wall and is in a single line. You can also choose from a wide range of features and shutter options to make your straight line kitchen more functional and stylish.


A parallel kitchen works best for families where a single person does all the cooking, and there is a large space available. It’s a kind of kitchen unit that uses one or two walls with units parallel to each other. This kitchen is functional and also gives you more room to work. Soup it up with the host of styling and accessory options from Jakhmola Enterprises, and get the dream kitchen you have always wanted.


The kitchen is truly the heart of a house. It connects and brings the whole family together. Studies suggest that home cooked meals can increase your longevity so it becomes really important to have a kitchen that is pleasing to eyes and is also ergonomic at the same time. Even more so if you love entertaining and like to have guests over. Your search for remodeling your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams ends here at Jakhmola Constructions. We will help you build your dream kitchen with the help of our brilliant team of technicians and engineers. We are dedicated to providing high quality renowned brand products to our customers and pay special attention to every big & small detail in the kitchen. Keeping in mind the special cultural and religious aspect of kitchens in Indian household, we ensure VAASTU compliance as per the customer’s needs. At Jakhmola constructions we design modular kitchens according to the customer’s needs. We are determined to provide you the kitchen of your dreams which is both economical and ergonomic.



We at Jakhmola Enterprises are known for our quality service which we deliver to our clients. We have a dedicated team of experts who work with your designs on custom basis. We do have designs ready for all types of kitchen which you can customize as per your needs.  


You can choose a design from our extensive range of designs provided which define your business, services & products best. We avail you so many designs accordingly which also matches look & feel, themes & colours. Making a custom design or creating something which you need is our first priority for which we generally take time. Once the designs are ready accordingly and you are comfortable with that, we will move ahead in sketching part.



Once the selection of design is done, you need to pay 50% of the total amount in advance to quick start the project. As soon as we receive the advance our Project Manager will manage everything and  will start your project and proceed for next step which is creating sketch for your selected designs. Our Project Manager will assure that all the details mentioned in design gets ready within given time period.  After the sketching part is done and you will finalize it, we will start the construction.


Now we will start the construction which we have designed. Just the way you wanted it. It will look exactly the same as what we have shown you in our design. You will find complete finishing in every corner.  Jakhmola Enterprises is know for its quality work delivered. Here our main aim is to focus on the quality work to satisfy our customers. You are always welcome to share your experience and reviews about working with us.

Customers reviews

I would like to thank the entire team of Jakhmola Enterprises for doing a great job on the designing and installation of my kitchen. The quality of product is excellent and their service, both pre and post sale, is extremely efficient and professional. My kitchen has now become what I always wanted it to be.
Ravi Kant Lakhera
I came to know Jakhmola Enterprises through google. I request for modular kitchen quotation for my flat. They gave few suggestions which end up with good work in stipulated time. It was amazing work done to my kitchen. And also I did not made any supervision until the job finished Fantastic job.
Nabh Joshi
I am pleased with Jakhmola Enterprises for their professional approach while executing the interiors for my Flat. The work progress was smooth and done within the time from starting to finish, making it a hassle free experience for me. They have done good job to to my expectations. They translated  our ideas in to design based on our requirements
Ankur Gaur


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