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Widely recognised as pioneers in the wardrobe business, many of our innovations have since become industry standards. We are one of the best in custom wardrobes installers in Haridwar & Dehradun. If you are looking for a new wardrobe installation, let us help you design a classic masterpiece. 

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A wardrobe is a tall, closed piece of furniture with one or more doors for storing clothes on shelves or hanging from pegs or bars. Jakhmola Enterprises offers wardrobes in a variety of styles: period, contemporary, design, etc.


Wardrobes are usually placed against a bedroom wall, sometimes in the corner. Their numerous features can include a mirror, sliding hanging rack, shelves, drawers, tie rack, shirt organizer, shoe compartment, an interior light and wheels for easy moving. A television niche or bookshelves makes the wardrobe multi-functional. Some are incorporated into the headboard of a bed.


Wardrobes are made of a variety of materials: wood (solid or laminate), glass, metal, etc. The finish may be veneer (precious wood, leather, etc.), paint or lacquer. Doors can be hinged, folding or sliding, and sometimes include a mirror.

How to choose

Choice will depend on storage needs, available space and the room’s ambiance. A wardrobe may set the tone for a room. If it is too tall or too wide, it will make the room feel cramped. The goal should be an ensemble of furniture whose sizes and styles produce a harmonious whole.

Latest Built In Wardrobe Designs

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Custom Storage Solutions

We don’t just do wardrobes. You dream it, we deliver it.

Colours and Materials For Your Wardrobe and Sliding Doors

View our range of colours and materials for your dream project! From your built-in fitted wardrobes, to your wardrobe sliding doors, the colour and materials you choose are so important! With such a significant number of various styles and outlines of built in fitted wardrobes and sliding doors to look over, it merits investing energy to watch whatever is left of your room and choose what materials, surfaces and hues would work best to compliment the wardrobe’s surroundings. From dark, light, soft or hard colours and materials, have a browse for the perfect combination for your built-in fitted wardrobes and wardrobe sliding doors!

We are a Trusted Wardrobe Maker

Call our wardrobe installers to design your dream wardrobe. We’ll keep both aesthetics and functionality in mind to create a sleek & modern wardrobe for your living space.

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