Ways to Make Home Feel Cozy When Everything Feels Uncertain

As many people around the globe prepare to hunker down and practice social distancing, it’s important to remember that your home can be a source of calm and tranquility. Small changes you can make throughout your house can turn it into a sanctuary to help you feel calm during anxious times.

From candles to natural light, here are some ideas to prep your home for an extended stay—and help you decompress while things are stressful outside.


Invest in Candles

There’s just something about the warm glow of a candle to take away all of your stress and worries. This lovely little scene from  is the perfect inspiration to order a few candles from your favorite small business and add a dose of atmosphere to every room in your house.








Make Your Bed Every Day

While it may seem like a small act, every day has many benefits and will help you feel productive right when you wake up. Focus on keeping your bedding clean and set a priority to make the bed, like in this space.

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