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Executing the right wedding day—or weekend—is all about organization, details, style, taste level, and logistics. And any assistant worth their salt can combat the execution of any event, consult on its design, and assist you successfully manage your expectations and budget.

Jakhmola Wedding Planners evolved with the thought of creating the quote “Marriages are made in Heaven and performed on Earth” come realistic, and with this our company based itself by organizing many wedding ceremonies. After planting our roots in wedding segment, we moved towards party solutions where our company unionized birthday parties, kitty, college fresher’s and farewell parties. Now we aspire to determine our company also into the fields of events and with this aspiration.

The Look: My aesthetic is fashion forward and colorful—with many floral and a spotlight to detail. We love using multiple patterns and color variations; i’m not a matchy-matchy quite guy. We pride ourselves on our ability to edit. In our designs, we work with what’s in season, also as what’s practical, functional, and delightful at an equivalent time. i really like a WOW lighting design; the hues and movement make an occasion unforgettable.

The Approach: We are a full-service boutique firm, here to steer our clients through planning and style from conception to conclusion. No detail is just too big or too small for us to handle. i really like going to know our clients and style to whatever beat they live their lives. the whole process for us is bespoke, as no two weddings are alike. most significantly , we attempt to make the experience fun and memorable.

Expert Advice: Your wedding is simply the start of a lifetime of entertaining and gathering with family and friends. you do not need to do everything you have ever thought of, seen on Instagram, or seen in publications. Edit the day! If something doesn’t add up to try to to otherwise you desire it is not you—just don’t roll in the hay .

Weddings of Note: We’ve had the chance to make , plan, and style events for politicians, CEO’s, celebrities, and a number of professional athletes—but we pride ourselves on spectacular service and discretion.


Come let’s take wedding getting to a Next Level!

When it involves marriage we do everything! protected with 7 years of experience within the wedding industry, our intentions are clear to supply you one among kind services. We’ll be your consultant, planner, organizer who’ll coordinate with you in every aspect of your wedding and supply you with all the possible services that you’d otherwise need to do on your own. briefly our services are dedicated to make exceptional experiences. So get in-tuned and we’ll get the party started!

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